I was on the higher end of my fifties, in good health, but not in the shape I had been in a few years before. I had rehabbed well from a knee surgery, but that leg was not quite as strong as the other. I had stopped running because it didn’t feel good. I wasn’t as quick footed or agile when hiking tricky terrain. Hopping from rock to rock wasn’t easy anymore, and I chalked it all up to getting older. My daughter, sensing my discouragement, thought I might benefit from a personal trainer. She did a little research and found Andy at Phit 360. Phit 360 has changed my life.

Andy did an assessment of my physical abilities, devised a personal training program for me, and patiently coached me while I learned to perform activities that were new to me. He made sure that I learned the proper techniques so I wouldn’t get hurt. He stays current in the latest developments in training techniques and in nutrition education and shares his knowledge enthusiastically. His workouts are very holistic, including balance, strength training and lots of core and stability work. There aren’t many fancy machines involved, just a lot of hard work and sweat, as well as Andy’s encouragement and careful attention. These are workouts that you can adapt to become a part of your life.

Today I am stronger than I was 20 years ago. Nothing hurts. I can run if I want to. I weigh twenty pounds less than I did. I’m quick on my feet once again. I feel good about myself and I like my body. Because of Phit 360 and Andy Barris, I’m doing things I never thought that I would be able to do again and I’m setting my sights on goals that I never could have imagined. What more can I say? Thank you for being there, Phit360.

– Cathy Nodine
This summer working out with Andy Barris at PHIT360 has given me the advantage on the field this fall for my college soccer team. After only a few months of intense training I noticed a difference in my speed, agility and strength! I am the strongest I have ever been and I have the special workouts PHIT360 specifically designed for me to give me the edge against my opponents. I've received GNAC player of the week twice and ECAC offensive player of the week once and i have PHIT360 to thank!!
– Kyle Shangraw
St.Joe's College
I came to find PHIT 360 when looking for a performance training opportunity for my High School athlete daughter. From the moment I met Andy Barris, the owner at PHIT 360, I knew I had found the right place. Andy has a passion for fitness, and combines that with nutritional know how that gives any one interested in improving their physical well being a cant miss place to get ahead. I was so impressed with the approach at PHIT 360 that I signed up myself. I began getting fit by working at home on my own with a treadmill. I thought I was eating well but not really getting measurable results. So I began my relationship with Andy at PHIT 360. Andy got me started at the right pace, then challenged me with increasingly difficult workouts. It takes time and dedication, and Andy's dedication to the fitness profession rubs off, and before I knew it I could see real results. I felt better, I lost fat, gained muscle, and overall became more self confident. I found myself go from wearing 2X clothes to now wearing Large. My success motivated my wife and she began working out at PHIT 360 as well. With hard work and direction from Andy and the staff at PHIT 360, she finds herself today in the best shape of her life. Long story short, if you are looking to get PHIT, go see Andy Barris at PHIT 360. Whether you are a young aspiring athlete, in need of professional level training, or like we were, at a stage in life where getting PHIT is a must, PHIT 360 is the place to make it happen.... PHIT 4 Life... it all begins with a call.
– Sonny , Ronda & Erin Malloy
I started working with Andy about 2 years ago and I couldn't be more impressed. When I started I was an athlete who did not feel comfortable in a gym, not knowing what I should and shouldn't be doing. Andy has not only helped me to feel comfortable in the gym but has also helped me grow as an athlete. Andy is a trainer who stands behind all of his clients, supporting and helping them in all endeavors there lives bring. There is always a positive drive and motivation from Andy making your workouts fly by and you feel amazing after. I am confident that I will have a successful season thanks to Andy. I wouldn't be where I am today without the strength and confidence I have got from Phit360.
– Dakota Keene
"As a 53 year old duffer, I had for years relied on conventional exercises such as running and weight lifting to stay in shape. As each year went by I felt worse and worse, struggling with stiff joints and poor endurance. A few months back I approached Andy who tailored a program to my specific needs. Combining stretching, low impact aerobic, Yoga, core and other techniques, he created an efficient and effective workout that for me has been nothing short of spectacular in the results. I feel great. I'll never be the kid I used to be, but thanks to Andy and PHIT360, I'm making the most of what I have left. Thank you Andy."
– Max Barth MD

Since I started working with Andy back in april, one of the biggest differences I noticed was my leg strength/ leg endurance! Using his methods of strength training had helped me be one step quicker than my opponent. And I also feel I can clear people out from in front of the net a lot better!

The nutritional help worked wonders, I gained a total of 20 pounds over the summer by following his eating plan! And probably the biggest help was the synthetic ice. I would recommend that people use that to the full advantage. Andy has for sure got me ready for the season and will do so for many more! I would recommend him to any player looking to elevate his game to the next level.

– Hunter Lynch

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