Educate people towards better lives through healthier bodies.

The first part of our mission is education. We aim to hold a better and higher vision of health for you than you may even hold for yourself, then break it down to steps that make it real and believable for you. Then, we become the catalyst to achieve your goals.

The second part is the belief that having a healthier body gives you a happier life. We believe that there is more to fitness than relief from negative health symptoms. Having a body that feels great because it can perform at higher levels gives you more confidence and day-to-day enjoyment.

What we are about is empowerment. We aim to give you more results with less time and effort than you could ever get on your own. Exercise and lifestyle change should always pay back returns more than commensurate with your investment of time and effort. This happens when your efforts are leveraged through strategies that are proven to work and work better than anything else that is available


Health is more than just an absence of medical symptoms; it is the enjoyment of a body that feels great because it can perform at higher levels.

Exercise works when there is a high level of results per unit of time and effort: it should be as quick, easy, and infrequent as necessary to produce a particular result.

Exercise is not an end in itself, but a means to satisfy higher values in life.

Exercise that orients around performance goals is far more effective than exercise that orients around time.

There are no “bad” foods: there are foods for health, enjoyment, and convenience, and the right balance between the three should be strived for.

Long term weight management comes from shaping gently from your normal life rather than following a rigid plan.

Coaching and accountability leverage results: there is great value in having another person monitor and nurture your progress.

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Better lives through healthier bodies.
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